The Sole Broker Manhattan, NYC COMING SOON!

The Sole Broker Manhattan, NYC COMING SOON!

Good Evening The Sole Broker Friends and Family, 

Tonight, I would like to formally announce we are looking to open our next shop in Manhattan, NY by the end of this year, 2021. We are currently looking at a few locations, however I cannot divulge the exact area/location as of yet. 

This store will be our flagship store, and will be all you can expect from a great sneaker and clothing boutique. The aesthetic will remain quite similar to the two other stores we have, however we are looking to add a few different design elements to make the store a bit more different than our other shops. 

We are also going to be doing a few key changes with regard to our business processes/consignment process which I cannot yet speak on, however, it will be a major game changer and a big reason to to business with us and consign with us!

Our goal is to be the pre-eminent sneaker store in NYC; we know we have big shoes to fill considering there are many beautiful stores and boutiques in NYC, but we are adamant about getting there. 

I want to thank our friends, family, and loyal customers; without you unwavering support we wouldn't have this opportunity. It is crazy to witness the growth of this business. Looking back on opening our first store in Staten Island, NY in May of 2019 and now we are embarking on our next journey of opening up our Third store in NYC; it is very surreal... 

We will provide more updates as we can to keep you all informed. We are very excited and looking forward to the next chapter of our journey! 


Please follow the stores page on IG: thesolebrokernyc

Best Regards, 


The Sole Broker

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Hi, Do You Know When The New Sole Broker Manhattan Location Is Going To Open In NYC?

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