Acquiring Air Jordan 8 Sugar Ray Allen 1/24

Acquiring Air Jordan 8 Sugar Ray Allen 1/24


So this past week I saw a friend feature a pair of Sugar Ray Allen Jordan 8’s on his Instagram story. I quickly replied to him, “Where they do that at.” I figured they weren’t for sale and was just joking around, however after he replied back inquiring if I wanted to buy them, I knew I had to have them; especially considering they were in my size 11 and extremely rare 1/24 pairs released.

You really cannot make this up. I am going to digress for a short while but we will get right back to the point here… So, I find that when you are looking for something it will reveal itself one way or another.
For example, I remember looking for kid robot air maxes for months before finding a crumbling pair on Grailed and when messaging the seller and striking a long valuable conversation I had identified he had the hyperstrike pair along with a lot of other rare shoes: what the dunks, Michael Lau SB’s (hyperstrike pair) along with many other pairs. Long story short I purchased everything from him.

To further substantiate my point, I was looking for undefeated 4’s for many years. While I was at Sneaker Con Atlanta in September of 2022 I stumbled upon a pair of these and knew I had to have them. I had offered the owner 3 pairs  reverse skunk dunk highs plus $2500 for one pair of the 4’s and the deal was done. Less than 6 months later by leveraging other pairs in my cache, I had another paid of undefeated 4’s.

Another example, I had bought a pair of What the dunks for $4000 locally and later at Sneaker Con Atlanta I found another pair for $4000 and then I purchased another pair for $2500. I swear these pairs all come in 3’s!!

Last example, Ueno Sakura Air Force 1’s I had purchased a used size 11, then shortly there after I had purchased a Brand new size 11, and then bought a size 9, which was then traded to my buddy Abdul for a size 8. 4 pairs of crazy rare Air Force 1’s!!!

These Sugar Ray Allen 8’s need some TLC!! They need a full sole swap, repaint, as well as the repair of the rubber tabs on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe. I plan on wearing them and keeping them in the collection as a pair like this is very unlikely to reveal itself again.

In closing I will leave you with this thought: not everything should be for sale! You always have to consider if you sell something what are the odds of the shoe being replaced. Recently I sold both of my undefeated 4’s as I needed the capital to purchase my home and now I’m kicking myself and hoping I can get the 10.5 back from the seller I sold them to by giving him a trade offer he cannot refuse. 

-The Sole Broker





How much did you end up paying for these ? Did you get them fixed up? These are my ultimate grail shoe in a sz13. Any help locating them would be stellar