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Growing and scaling operations amid pandemic and our future plans.

In the last blog, we shared our story with each and everyone of you. In this blog, we want to discuss growing and scaling The Sole Broker operations amid the pandemic as well as future plans.

As aforesaid, we opened our Brooklyn location on October 15, 2020. As one of the owners of the Brooklyn location, I see tremendous potential for this store as its strategic location: parallel to Manhattan, close to Long Island city and Queens, as well as being situated across the street from Supreme.

Williamsburg right now is one of the places to be in Brooklyn. The culture of the location is vibrant, young, and ever-changing. Right now without tourism, it has been tough for business owners, however locals seem to support local business which is great and many people from surrounding boroughs are still stopping by to see what’s new.

I look forward to brighter days ahead as many locals are telling me once COVID is a thing of the past the store will be thriving. 

All the while this has been said, we have been doing well and continue to grow out operations. I plan on undertaking a few key renovations within the store to bring the aesthetic and experience for our customers to the next level.

Although we opened on October 15th of last year, we wanted to grow within the space we had and not over do the space right away. That said, we are now looking to add more shelving, a 20ft long clothes line, as well as a prominent counter for: buying/selling/trading/consignment.

Currently behind the sales counter there is a large amount of free wall space which we plan on placing a floor to ceiling display of shelving which we can showcase some of the rarest, and most sought after items in our shop. 

As you can see I have already fabricated the shelving and now all that’s left is the installation and the addition of the shelving which is also pictured.

It is incredibly fulfilling to see the Brooklyn store growing before my own eyes. I touched on this process in our last blog post when speaking about how we grew so quickly in the Staten Island store that we had to look for another store out of necessity.

I am patiently waiting for that moment in time within our Brooklyn location. I am in no rush as there are many improvements which need to be done to bring the store up to my standards.

As aforementioned, I am also looking to add a 20ft clothes line at near ceiling height to spread out our curated collection of Supreme items. I am going for the same look as I have in the Staten Island store which is as follows:

As you can see the clothes line of the left is roughly 20ft and displays all of our higher end items perfectly.

Currently in Brooklyn we have many items and they are very bunched up close together thus not being displayed properly (if the customer cannot see the item, then how can they purchase it?)

I plan on creating a clothes line on the opposite side of the wall which will run to the rear of the store. (See photo) This video I’ll ensure we have enough space to display all of our clothing and it will be aesthetically pleasing for our customers.

Last but not least is the counter area. Currently there is a makeshift half wall between the staircase and counter.

My plans are to make a custom counter which will cover the staircase (as employees should only have access to the stairs) and to also build a bigger counter which would be more practical for buying/selling/trading/consignment.

Attached is a photo of the current counter setup in Staten Island, which has custom cabinetry which has a glass display with lighting to display some of the “grail” sneakers and items. This is the look I am going for:

Attached is a photo of the current counter in our Brooklyn store. As aforesaid, this is only temporary and we plan on replacing it with a customer counter as seen in the Staten Island store above. Please see attached photo below:


Currently the rear of the store is being used as a private office, however that will be converted soon into a private gallery for our VIP clients. See attached photo:

The back room is 10ftx20ft with a very wide rear wall which can be used to display the most exclusive rare sneakers on the market which is what I intend to use this room for; it will be the sneaker room of all sneaker rooms!

Until all of the aforementioned renovations are complete as well as the renovation and buildout of the basement I won’t consider opening another store.

That doesn’t mean I am not currently planning the opening of the next brick and mortar location of The Sole Broker!!! All I can say for now is Manhattan is the next destination for The Sole Broker. 

Stay Tuned!!

Andrew and Dylan Rosenthal

Managing Partners of The Sole Broker













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