Acquiring 2 pairs of Air Jordan 4 Undefeated’s

Acquiring 2 pairs of Air Jordan 4 Undefeated’s

First and foremost, I wanted to thank Tong at netmagnetism for finally working a trade with me after 5 months of back and forth negotiations.

I wanted to share this photo and story with my following because it’s surreal to own 2 pairs of these because when I first started I didn’t have the means, knowledge, or connections to acquire samples or very limited shoes.

I remember going to sneakercon at the Javitz Center, in Manhattan in 2014 and seeing pairs such as the eminem carhartt Air Jordan 4’s and thinking to myself it would be too risky to buy a big ticket shoe considering I didn’t have any clients for it.

I would always buy good shoes/heat but never anything more expensive than a Air Yeezy 2 Red October; which in 2014, went for $3500-$4200. After years of reselling and building a book of business, I slowly started to get into more expensive pairs. It’s really about doing your research, going outside your comfort zone and buying new items.

Many resellers fall into the trap of buying whatever is hype. However, they fail to realize each person has their own taste and style with regard to sneakers. Although, it does makes sense from a business perspective to buy what’s hot so your product turns over quicker (profit over time/time value of money.)

The reason I am at this juncture today is because I lived up to the name of the store/s: thesolebroker, thesolebrokerbk I’m blessed to do something I love and have a great team around me. Still hunting for the next grail!

Here are a few takeaways for the upcoming resellers and new generation: #1: Continue working on your craft daily and be consistent. Persistence is key! I have had deals that took 6 months to negotiate, but that deal turned into a 2nd pair of Undefeated 4’s! Never give up on any goals you set for yourself. A loss is not an L, it’s a learning experience. Never be complacent! #2 Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone/take risks: learning is imperative to growth in anything. #3 Customer service service is key in any business. I would suggest thinking outside the box and not only selling to consumers, but becoming a broker and provide concierge to your clients. #4 Never underestimate the power of a trade!

-The Sole Broker

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