Door #2 for The Sole Broker

Door #2 for The Sole Broker

We are excited to announce we secured a lease for our second store located at: 147 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11249!

Back in February, we were hit the ground running in Williamsburg looking for a prospective location for our second store. We found many vacancies within the area and worked with a few brokers to show us potential spaces.

While looking on Grand street for potential spaces, I stumbled upon a store called “Fools Gold.” The turntables in the window caught my eye so decided to go into the store to check it out and see what it was about.

The store was very quiet and looked very empty for what seemed to be a retail shop. After perusing the store I had put two and two together and realized it was a creative space for music and also a retail shop which had made sense considering the visible turntables and vinyl records which were displayed in a milk crate on the floor. I had wound up buying one of their crewnecks to show support and struck a conversation with the sales associate.

I had told the sales associate a little bit about myself and that I was in the area scouting commercial space for my second store in Williamsburg. It was then the sales associate told me they were looking to move, however, they would need find someone to take over the space before doing so. I had asked if I could have a tour of the space to which the sales associate obliged.

The space seemed convoluted at first sight. The retail space in the front was much smaller than the space in the back. The store was laid out as follows: 14 foot of glass frontage with a door in the middle of the store to enter the shop. Upon entering the shop there were 3 plexi-glass entryways which divided the front end of the store into 3 parts which all had different merchandise and displays throughout each entryway. (The front end of the store was about 30 feet long by 14 feet wide.) When walking past the last entry way there was a gold mirror with a door which lead to the rear of the space. When walking through the door there was a spiral staircase to the left which lead to the basement and the storage rooms. Past that area was another doorway which lead to another large room. (The rear end of the store was about 30 feet long by 20 feet wide.) The bathroom and break area was to the right and a private office to the left with glass sliding doors. The back room was well lit with a sky light and windows as well as tall ceilings. Looking at this space I envisioned our next store being here with some minor alterations.

Fast forward 6 months after long negotiations finally resulting in us securing the aforementioned space; we start the demolition tomorrow.

Our idea is to knock down the non-load bearing walls to create and open floor plan as well as add better lighting throughout. The floor will need to be replaced as well in order to create a clean aesthetic. We will also be incorporating the same displays you see in order Staten Island store which span from floor to ceiling. In the rear room, we will be fabricating a wrap around clothes line to display our curated collection of Supreme items.

Since Williamsburg has that eclectic/artsy vibe we will be working directly with @_malfi_ to lead us in creating our signage as well as some sort of mural for the new location.

We have 4 months free time which was negotiated as a part of our lease, so we are confident the store will be ready by January 1, 2021 the latest, however, it could be ready before that date.

We are asking all of our customers follow the stores new IG account at: thesolebrokerbk in order to stay up to date with the build out and prospective grand opening date. Many people have asked about our Staten Island location; rest assured we are going no where and are here to stay.

I wanted to thank all of our loyal customers, friends, families, and our employees. We would not be able to grow at the scale we did without you all!

Stay Tuned!!!!

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