Covid-19 Pandemic,  Store Operations, and General Updates.

Covid-19 Pandemic, Store Operations, and General Updates.

Good Evening Customers and Friends,

Our store remains closed amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. As per the White House’s tele-conference today, the government plans to take another 30 days or so to control the situation here in New York, so we are not sure when we would open back up. Operationally, we are in pause due to the stay at home orders and out of respect and courtesy to others. 

All this time in quarantine has me thinking and reflecting back on the past... As I write this, I look back on nearly a year of being in business; we have come a long way... I remember five years ago, I was buying shoes online, locally, driving hundreds of miles, and selling them out of my trunk or by other means and now I finally have a store; very surreal... The relationships built and experiences along the way have been more valuable to me than any amount of money made.

Our Number One priority is providing the best customer service and experience possible; so with that said, I would like to hear feedback from our customers and friends. What would you like to see done at our store, is there something you were looking for that you didn’t find, or have any advice regarding anything operationally we can do to provide a better experience for you? We would also like to hear feedback from our customers regarding the esthetic of the store. 

We hope all of our customers and friends remain safe during this time; we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Best Regards,


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